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BEAR PIT OPEN AIR THEATRE – Back for one day only!
“A slut is a slut, all this bullshit about choice.”
Things We Do Not Know is an exploration of female street sex workers in Bristol.

Come and celebrate the first performance in the Bearpit Open Air Theatre!

Using verbatim theatre and music, this hour-long production asks how these women end up having to sell themselves for sex. It explores how society views them, and how they can get help. The piece began development last year in collaboration with Bristol-based charity One25 and with help from Spotlights we have been able to revive the show. This revival has been edited and updated. The charity works to help get the women clean, safe and off the streets.

There will be a donations bucket at the end of the performances to raise money for One25. (
Venue: Bearpit Open Air Theatre, St. James Barton Roundabout, Bristol BS1 3LY
Dates: 7th June at 3:00pm and 6:30pm.

“This piece was a creative, brave and fantastically directed testament to the Bristol based charity One25 which helps street sex workers break free from their traumatic and dangerous lives.” Intermission…/things-we-do-not-know
“It never sought to shock or relish in a perpetuated sense of tragedy, nor did it sensationalize the idea of “sex” in sex-work… it just wanted to be honest.” ***** Epigram

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