Stokes Croft is an area of Bristol, situated at the bottom of the A38, an arterial road
which was for centuries the main entrance to the City from the North, until supplanted by the M32 in the 1960's.

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The boundaries of Stokes Croft are a subject for debate.

Map of Stokes Croft Conservation Area Below
(Stokes Croft Conservation Area Document)

It surely makes sense for boundaries to follow community. The cultural identity that is Stokes Croft runs from the junction
of Bath Buildings and Cheltenham Road, down to and including the Bear Pit, known formally as St. James Barton Roundabout.
By similar logic, the 1960's Council housing known colloquially as The Dove Street Flats are part of Stokes Croft.

See below for the PRSC proposed map.

Here are three proposed extensions to Stokes Croft.


1) The Dove Street Council Flats

These 1960's apartments that nestle behind Stokes Croft should arguably become part of the Conservation Area, and the residents tend to see themselves more as part of the culture of Stokes Croft than of Kingsdown.

2) St. James' Barton Roundabout

Culturally, St. James Barton and Stokes Croft have similar historic roots. Known colloquially as "The Bear Pit" because of its fearsome reputation, this has been a No-man's-Land ever since it was built. This piece of land is owned and "managed" by the Council. Interestingly, this ground hosted the famous St. James Fair, from the 12th Century, to which traders came from all over the known World, until it was closed down by the then Council in the 1830's. It was seen by the authorities as a haven for ragamuffins and vagabonds; They also found it was difficult to collect taxes from the Fair's commercial activity.
3) Cheltenham Road to the North

Technically, Stokes Croft ends to the North at the junction with Ashley Road. However, there is a natural break, in terms of the nature of properties and culture, at the junction with Bath Buildings. Metropolis and the various bars and shops have a growing iaffinity with the culture of Stokes Croft.


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