Guerilla Gardening in Dove Street


Size: A2 (42.0 x 59.4cm)
Printed by Jacknife and Mark my Words Screen Printers
for The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft


Celebrating the life of Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela,
Felix ‘FLX’ Braun’s latest print
evokes the one-time South African President’s earlier life
as a revolutionary firebrand.
Madiba was Nelson’s clan name,
the name black South Africans referred to him by; and the name
they chanted in their 100s of thousands when he passed away.

The print echoes the style of political posters from the ‘60s,
whose potent messages were delivered using rough and ready graphics,
printed cheaply and quickly on makeshift screens
the inks pulled through hand- cut stencils.
Felix spoke at great length to the talented folk at
Jacknife Posters and Mark My Words Screen Printing,
about how to produce the desired effect.
The result is clear for all to see.


Now available to buy at PRSC HQ, 35 Jamaica Street, or online

BELOW: FLX and Dones at work on the Nelson Mandela Tribute Mural
on the PRSC Outdoor Gallery wall.
The mural can be viewed here until end of March 2014.


Homage to the Bristol Scroll.
Reinventing the Bristol Scroll for the 21st Century.
Exhibition in the Bearpit Dec. to End March  2014

The Bristol scroll will be well known to anybody over forty.
The City's name was carried in this form by every bus in the city
and  its surrounding areas from 1965 until the mid 1980s.
Created by an artist unknown, this beautiful rendition of Bristol was first used in 1910
by the Bristol Aviation Company, and became the Bristol “Brand” across the globe,
during a period of rapid industrial expansion and innovation.

Six of Bristol's finest Graffiti artists reinvent the scroll in their own styles,
reminding us of a period when Bristol seemed to control its destiny,
whilst simultaneously reappropriating  this symbol of pride and independence for the City.

The work of these six graffiti artists clearly demonstrates that they are
in fact the pre-eminent calligraphers of our time.

The exhibition takes place in the Bearpit Outdoor Gallery,
the sunken roundabout at the bottom of Stokes Croft, until February 2014.

The six artists involved are: 3-Dom, Deams, Inkie, 45RPM, Ged Palmer and Paris.
The show is designed by the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft.

100 A2 screen prints of each design will be  made available for sale from Dec. 12th, priced at £20.
Tee shirts of each design will also be made available,
proceeds going towards the work of PRSC and the Bearpit.

Prints and tee shirts will be available at PRSC HQ, 35 Jamaica Street,
the Harbourside Christmas market, the Bearpit, and online at

Inkie Print: Edition of 100 £20

45RPM Tee £15 (One of six)

Projections of early Bristol biplanes. (South Tunnel)

Lloyds, Boots, Tesco etc., PAY YOUR TAXES” by Sepr (South Tunnel)

“Bristol” by DEAMS (EAST TUNNEL)

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The Bear Pit Outdoor Gallery opened in the subway of St. James' Barton Roundabout on 15th October 2011,
in conjunction with the Bear Pit Improvement Group. 20 different local artists worked for free to launch this Gallery.

PRSC Dedicated Outdoor Gallery Wall in Jamaica Street hosts a piece by George Harding

PRSC Expands, with New Gallery in Ground Floor of Jamaica Street Carriage Works.

The Ground Floor is used for key exhibitions, and as the manufacturing base for Stokes Croft China.
All fixtures and fittings are on wheels, creating a completely adaptable space, as befits a Grade II listed carriage works.

During the summer of 2010, we excavated the former "Wasteland" that was no 27-33 Jamaica Street.
It is thought that this gap in the streetscape is as a result of bomb damage during World War II.
We built a working yard, with a dedicated and lit Outdoor Gallery, with space to run workshops,
to curate the whole of Stokes Croft as an outdoor Gallery, giving local people the capacity
to have a direct, physical input into how their communal space develops.
PRSC has a well stocked array of tools, painting equipment etc.

One of the last pieces on the rickety old fence.

30 lorryloads later, one solid retaining wall.

Sepr, Epok 3-Dom and Paris create time-capsule Graff behind the containers.

Shipping Containers Arrive at PRSC Yard.

First Workshop with former addicts.
Contact us via STOKES CROFT MURALS for further info.


Epok finishes the sign writing on the Selling Gallery frontage.

The Selling Gallery@PRSC at no. 35 Jamaica Street

Local Art, Fine Bone China from Stokes Croft China, stockists of Tangent Books, and a range
of posters, prints postcards, stickers and tee shirts from PRSC. Visit ONLINE SHOP.

Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft

Stokes Croft is the most interesting and culturally diverse area in Bristol,
boasting more honesty, beauty and truth than any other part of the City.
It is precisely because Stokes Croft has been neglected,
that people of all backgrounds and circumstance
have learned to co-exist in an enclave of tolerance
that few from outside this rich area can begin to understand.

The Mission is to help Stokes Croft to recognise its special qualities,
by improving the streetscape through direct action,
by creating a sense of identity, a sense of belonging and of self-worth.
PRSC is determined to
safeguard the unique character of the area.

Because of the economically challenged nature of Stokes Croft,
there are many areas where there are gaps in the normal commercial landscape.
This can be seen as a disadvantage, a gap-toothed smile. We see only opportunity,
the opportunity to flavour forever the visual nature of our quarter.
More stimulating. Tidier. Safer. Better. Opportunity.




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