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The Fortress exhibition is a collaborative set of art works responding to a fortress structure being built by the artists. It will be an exploration of power structures and monuments. Fortresses are petty and brittle, Built brick by brick through words.

PREVIEW NIGHT: Friday 5th of May from 5-10.30

Open for only one day after!

The exhibition is brought to you by Sitoyen art collective.

Artists include:
Otis Blease ( )
Steve Boyle ( )
Liz Greenyer ( )
Sam Knock ( )
Leo Lunger ( )
Lisa Rose ( )
Andi Tanzer ( )

We constructed the tower with materials we found in the streets of Bristol.

The tower stands for the watchtower in a fortress and represents a repressing structure built by ourselves. We use the tower as the subject in the works we created in response to the construction.

We work cooperatively in the process of building the tower and also work as a group during the time of responding to it.

We destroy the tower right before the opening of the exhibition and only scraps will be visible. We are observing the observer by painting the watchtower.

The act of destroying this construction is an act of autonomy and taking back control. But for the viewer the tower and its destruction might stand for multiple things.

We want to show the long lasting aspect of art by building and destroying the tower within a short period of time. The art works responding to this structure will be visible even after the tower collapses.

We build our fortress, we build our watchtowers and we are going to destroy them.

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