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This video is made by survivors, is a reminder that the British government has still not answered who covered up for prominent government members accused of child abuse and brought them to justice.  Over two years on from Cameron’s promise to “leave no stone unturned” the national Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry has not turned one pebble.



Meanwhile the UK establishment are doing everything they can to close down

img_5185other inquiries into VIP child abuse and the cover ups at government level, and Inquiry chair Professor Jay is kicking key VIP sections of the Inquiry into the long grass and marginalising meaningful survivor input.

A Message from The WhiteFlowers Campaign:

We hope this video will be shown and played far and wide to awaken the public to the new establishment cover up – sweeping under the carpet their rotten attitude to protecting children from child abuse. Could we take it to Xmas no 1!   #114missingfiles
114 Missing File Mural can be found at PRSC Outdoor Gallery, 35 Jamaica Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol

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