More Green Projects Funded in Bristol

Bristol Green Capital 2015 Small Grants Round 2: Successful Projects Announced.

The second and final round of the Bristol Green Capital Small Grants Fund has now been announced.

The second round saw 112 applicants compete for an allocated fund of £75k towards local green projects, which was awarded to a worthy 16. The overall fund for the small grants programme was a pot of £250k and saw a remarkable 198 groups apply for the fund. This saw the awarding of £175k to 23 local initiatives, which were announced in December.

What is incredibly striking about the numbers is just how many great initiatives there are, and how active the local communities are in Bristol. The total amount of the 112 applications that was applied for in the second round was £650k, which in the grand scheme of things is an achievable amount and makes you think what could be possible, at a local, citywide level with just a little bit more funding in the right places.

Unfortunately PRSC was not one of the lucky few but congratulations to the 16 successful organisations.

Article submitted by Jon Newey.

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Here’s the list of the successful applicants.

Organisation Award  (£) Project
Bristol Avon River Trust 5000 River clean up days in high problem areas
Buzz Lockleaze 4200 To set up the Buzz Community Food Shop, selling fresh, affordable produce in Lockleaze
 CPRE Avonside 5000  To set up a community litter warden scheme
Montpelier Bean Feast 880 Toward the environmental activities at Montpelier Bean Feast Festival
Brandon Trust 2670 Develop a social enterprise using surplus produce at BT farm, where individuals with learning disabilities learn employment skills
 Bath YMCA 6920 To work with young people to create monthly Landfill Lunches, offering a community lunch made from food destined for landfill
 Full Circle 2300 To employ an artist to work with local children to explore the impact of litter and fly-tipping
 The Matthew Tree Project 4000 To develop a ‘cottage industry’ turning food waste into pickles and preserves for the Bristol market to be sold under the TMTP own brand label
 Ujima Radio 4500 To run Eat Your Greens, a project targeting the reduction of food waste in the home in BME communities
 Young Bristol  6252  To run a project to encourage young people to use public transport in the city Square
Food Foundation  4000  To run a series of workshops centred on food waste and how to reduce or avoid it
Food Cycle Bristol  4284   To run the volunteer led Bristol Hub, which serves meals from surplus food to people at risk of food poverty
Bristol Community Energy Ltd  10000   To recruit, train and equip volunteers to prepare community buildings to switch to solar energy
 Wild Walks Wellbeing  2500  To fund public transport for Wild Walk’s service users to reach the start of their walk
Groundwork South Trust  7500   For a series of community events to engage the community in the environment of Avon Gorge and the area surrounding the portway
Somali Youth Network 4934  To engage local people in reducing street litter and to promote recycling in the high-rise flats in St Judes




D-Day for Carriageworks Planning

The decision date for the Fifth Capital Planning application draws ever nearer, and as a final demonstration to Bristol City Council of the sense of opposition by many in the community, a march is being organised by Communityworks.

Meeting WEDNESDAY 8th APRIL 16:00 outside the Carriageworks, marching to @Bristol for 17:00. Planning meeting at 18:00. 

More exposure to the Carriageworks campaign came last week when Marc Pennick, director of Fifth Capital responded to comments from Aardman Animation’s David Sproxton against their plans…saying “…I don’t need a lecture from someone who makes fictional animations” read the Bristol Post article here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 21.01.16Check out the latest PRSC video, ‘Alternative Carriageworks‘ by Niyaz Saghari.


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1000 Objections, and Counting…Carriageworks update.

Public objections to the Fifth Capital proposal for the Carriageworks are coming in thick and fast, as the deadline for the planning appeal draws near.

Handwritten and postcard objections are also being gathered and will continue to be submitted up to the 8th April, when there will be a march from Stokes Croft to the College Green Council Planning offices.

Continued Carriageworks focus meetings are to take place each Monday at PRSC new building, (next event Monday March 23rd 18:30 ) and street activities are also planned for this Saturday outside the Carriageworks to raise awareness of the ongoing campaign and activities.

Postcards will be distributed outside the Carriageworks this weekend and are available from Stokes Croft China shop, and further information on making an objection can be found here.


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The Wave: Plodding on Thin Ice. At The New Building PRSC Corner of Jamaica and Hillgrove St. Thursday 26th February 7-10pm

The Wave: Plodding on Thin Ice

Location: The New Building PRSC Corner of Jamaica and Hillgrove St.

Date of event: Thursday 26th February

Time of event: 7-10pm
The wave returns with our second event that focuses on the vulnerability of bears.

‘Plodding on Thin Ice’ will use various art mediums to demonstrate the mystique and beauty behind the bear with an emphasis on each bear type from the famed Grizzly to the less talked about Sun Bear. The iconic works of Jamie Gillman will be showcased along with The Wave’s  resident artist Frankie Sidky. Gillman’s Bristol Bear and Sidky’s bear portraits reinforce the mammal’s vigour. Photography from Icon Films  will also be on display.  

No Gates in Stokes Croft! An Alternative to Corporate Gentrification, with Anna Minton. Tuesday Feb. 24th at 6.45pm at the Baptist Church Stokes Croft



No Gates in Stokes Croft! An Alternative to Corporate Gentrification, with Anna Minton

Presented by PRSC and co-hosted by The Bristol Cable:

Stokes Croft is facing the imminent prospect of a gated community with the planned redevelopment of the Carriageworks, with next to no affordable housing and rocketing rents for everyone.

Anna Minton, journalist and author, will be discussing the ways in which corporate property developers wrangle out of providing affordable housing, privatise public space, stuff our cities with boring corporates and increase social division.

Most importantly we will be discussing what alternatives there are to corporate gentrification, what we can do about it and how we can build our cities for people not profit!

Find out more about the Carriageworks planned development here and here.

Anna Minton is a writer and journalist and Visiting Professor at the University of East London (UEL). She spent a decade in journalism, including a stint as a corporate reporter on the Financial Times. Finding daily journalism frustrating she began to focus on longer projects for think tanks and policy organizations and is the author of numerous papers and reports, including the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Viewpoint on fear and distrust. In 2013, she became a Reader in Architecture at UEL. Between 2012-2014 she has been the 1851 Royal Commission’s Fellow in the Built Environment.


The meeting will take place Tuesday Feb. 24th at 6.45pm
at the Baptist Church Stokes Croft



TURBO ISLAND: NOT PICCADILLY CIRCUS! PLanning Application now in. Please Have Your Say…

APPLICATION TO “UPGRADE” Advertising Hoarding.

A new crop of planning applications is spearheading the gentrification
pressure in the Croft. Most offensive of these is the application by
Insite to replace their existing ‘roller blind’ advertising hoarding on
Turbo Island with an ‘internally illuminated’ LED display sign. This
next step towards turning the Croft into Piccadilly Circus will be
situated right in the middle of the main junction of the Croft and
Jamaica Street and right in the heart of the Stokes Croft Conservation
Area. Turbo Island was the site of an archaeological dig in 2009 and
its transition to community-based uses has been due to the increasing
commitment of local people to determine the style, form and physical use
of the public spaces in their neighbourhood. In a community renowned for
placing its own artwork on its buildings, the glistening and vacuous
slogans of market capitalism look increasingly out of touch and out of
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The Wave: Tuesday 28th October 2014 and Thursday 30th October 2014

No water. No life.
No green without blue.

The Wave is a regular event at The New Building on Jamaica Street, Stokes Croft, focusing on ecological issues concerning wildlife. “The Wave” as a name encapsulates the purpose that we share with the PRSC – to confront urgent issues and thereby encourage a wave of activism.
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